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72nd Anniversary of the D-Day beach Landings in Normandy

Wednesday 1st June Sainte Mère Eglise Inauguration of exhibition: «Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne, Winter 1944 » This exceptional exhibition also enhances the “Way [more]

72nd Anniversary of the D-Day beach Landings in Normandy

Wednesday 1st June Sainte Mère Eglise Inauguration of exhibition: «Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne, Winter 1944 », at the Airborne Museum. December 16th, 1944, [more]

72nd Anniversary of the D-Day beach Landings in Normandy

Wednesday 1st June Sainte Mère Eglise Inauguration of exhibition: «Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne, Winter 1944 » The Battle of the Bulge was a [more]

72nd Anniversary of the D-Day beach landings in Normandy

Wednesday 1st – Wednesday 8th June Sainte Mère Eglise Reconstruction of « Geronimo » American military camp with scenes of American Airborne troops in [more]

72nd Anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy

Friday 13th May – Friday 30th September Sainte Mère Eglise Exhibition « A German prisoner camp in Foucarville » at Airborne Museum Apart [more]

72nd Anniversary of the D-Day beach landings in Normandy

Sunday 29th May 2016 Picauville 9 a.m.-5 p.m.: Military fair in Salle Jean-Claude Flambard, rue d’Utah Beach. Entrance fee: 2,50 €. Exhibitors : [more]


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“You had a great experience with me here in Normandy and you’d like to let others know about this… then get to your keyboards !”

47 Responses to Testimonials

  • Glen and Suzanne Corbitt says:

    Trevor took our family of four as well as our cousin and his wife on an excellent all-day tour. Trevor is truly a subject matter expert. Clearly this is his passion; he simply lives and breaths D-Day and World War II history. Walking the ground of Sainte Mere Eglise, Utah and Omaha beaches, Pointe du Hoc and the Normandy American Cemetery is a chilling and memorial experience. Trevor feels very strongly about keeping on schedule because he has a lot of material to fit into the nine-hour day. He can be a bit sassy, but he is also funny and a really great guy. One of the highlights of the tour was a real surprise – lunch. He took us to a wonderful place which had delicious food in an authentic French setting. I would recommend this tour experience to anyone that wants a thorough review of this important event in history.

  • CJ M. says:

    Thank You Trevor for such a wonderful tour! We really enjoyed all the fun facts along with educational and emotional accounts of the day. My family and I loved the “feeling” of the tour. It was as if we were hanging out with a friend, engaging in conversation and not a bunch of facts being thrown at us. We really enjoyed lunch and the story you told us on Omaha Beach will be with us forever!

  • Katy and Dave Arterburn says:

    A visit to Normandy and the American beaches has been on our list for a long time and our tour with Trevor was the perfect solution. From the time he picked us up at the train station to the time he dropped us off at the end of the day, we were amazed at the level of detail in his narrative. We thought we knew a fair amount about events of that day, but standing on those beaches and in the bunkers and listening to the stories shed a new light on how truly amazing it is that anyone survived.

    Trevor had a series of “then and now” photos that he used to make things come alive for us. He would position us in a spot, show us an old picture, then drop the picture away to reveal some aspect from the picture that still stands today. Just a fantastic day!

    We had a lovely lunch with Trevor and it made the trip even more enjoyable. We are so glad we decided to take a private tour and not have to compete for space to hear a guide rattle off a few quick details and move us along to the next site. With Trevor, we had the ability to move through things more slowly if we wanted more time. If you are planning a D-Day trip, book your tour with Trevor, you will not be disappointed!

  • Tom Garagliano says:

    Trevor conducted the most interesting, well prepared tour one could imagine. Having read some of the testimonials already posted, I can’t agree more with the positive comments. His ability to cover all the main topics of the war is not short of exceptional, and the small details also flow while traveling from points of interest.
    If all you want is a nice drive around the countryside, and your intellectual level is below average, go with someone else. This guy is the one you want.
    Thanks Trevor,
    We hope to join you again someday,
    Tom and Linda Garagliano
    June 12th tour.

  • Terry Marsh says:

    On September 13, 2014 we (two couples) went on a tour of the American sector of the D-Day beaches. We engaged the services of Trevor to give us a private, guided tour. We were very pleased with Trevor and were impressed with his extensive knowledge of the area and its history. We were also impressed with Trevor’s obvious passion for the great sacrifices made to liberate France from the German occupation. Trevor showed us photographs and shared personal stories of his family’s experiences during the occupation and liberation. Trevor is not only knowledgeable of the history of the landings but is also well informed about the side stories of the people involved. He took us to all the well known sites and gave thorough commentary about them. He also took us through the countryside and showed us interesting yet little noticed spots which would go unknown by someone without a guide. Trevor has a well planned agenda and not a minute is wasted because Trevor is assiduous about delivering one’s monies worth for a full 9 hour day. For instance, While at Pointe du Hoc I asked “Where were the guns that were supposed to be here?” Trevor said, “I’ll talk about that later.” Later while driving through the countryside and after seeing many more sites (and forgetting I had asked the question) Trevor pointed down a simple and unassuming country lane and said, “That’s where the guns were.” He then related why the guns were there and how the Rangers found and destroyed them.
    After years of seeing pictures and movies about D_Day, it was very moving to stand on on these historic sites and contemplate the awesome sacrifices selflessly made here. Trevor’s knowledge and passion brought a distinct personal feeling of “being there.” Thank you Trevor for a moving experience that we will remember for years.

  • Joanne Carrara says:

    Professional, passionate, dramatic, great teller of stories …a very genuine guy.
    Trevor is all this and more ! My husband and I and our two grandsons (11 and 14)
    had a marvelous time with him. We actually hired Trevor for 3 days. Day one he
    picked us up, drove us to Mont St. Michel where he connected us with a very charming
    guide. That was an all day affair. The next two days were spent directly with Trevor as he revealed an enormous amount of history, all the while involving our two grandsons, intellectually and physically..

    I agree with another comment RE the Tarte Tartin: outstanding ! We also enjoyed meeting his very lovely wife.

    Trevor comes with 5 stars.. You will not be disappointed !!

    Mille grazie, Trevor

  • William & Saundra Rudnick says:

    Our introduction to Trevor was through a prior client, the son of our traveling companion, so we were preconditioned for an enriching experience. But little did we realize the breadth and depth of knowledge possessed by this proud son of both France and the USA. From the moment he picked us up at our hotel in Bayeux, Trevor assumed the role of scholar, historian, narrator, actor as well as being our tour guide. And most importantly, in that our party of four are all octogenarians, Trevor was easy to understand as his delivery was crisp and clear. Further, while in the van, a ceiling mounted speaker made it effortless to appreciate his every word.

    Not a moment was wasted once the van door closed and we got underway as Trevor immediately immersed us in the history of our surroundings as well as how the Nazi’s planned and engineered the defenses of the beaches and the coastline. With extreme clarity he detailed the importance of Hitler’s placing Rommel in charge of protecting against an invasion. He pointed out the Germans assumed an airborne invasion as well as a beachfront assault and caused lowlands just in from the beach to flood, When we witnessed the vast areas, formerly flooded, causing the immediate deaths by drowning of so many paratroops, it became a wonder that the allies were able to achieve success.

    Our first stop was in the town of St. Mere Eglise where we toured the remarkable Airborne Museum following an indoctrination by Trevor of the events of the paratroop invasion. Pfc.John Steele, whose chute was entangled on the church steeple, a mannequin of Steele with parachute hanging from the steeple is a highlight of this historic site.

    Next stop on our full day tour was at Utah Beach, whereupon Trevor walked with us onto the sand and immediately, with a military officer’s baton, diagrammed in the sand all points of attack and resistance. Each Nazi gun emplacement was accounted for and all beach defenses were shown, both in the water and on land. His remarkable knowledge of the number and model of each gun, the number of bullets per minute the machine guns produced made us all wonder how any GI was able to survive.

    Following an intimate lunch, during which we further were immersed in local history, we proceeded to Pointe du Hoc, where, once again, Trevor accompanied us past the bunkers, machine gun emplacements to the edges of the cliffs our rangers assaulted and captured.

    A short drive through the countryside disclosed the many miles of hedgerows we had all heard so much about. Trevor explained the great advantage the German’s had in defending with the protection of those hedgerows and how painfully slow it was for the allies to advance even short distances. The detail of military strategy possessed by Trevor is mind boggling!

    Omaha Beach was next and Trevor went through his paces in as much detail as was demonstrated at Utah Beach.

    Our day closed in reverence at the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer. A beautiful serene resting ground for our Normandy landing fallen.

    It’s hard to believe that anyone other than Trevor Standefer could deliver as complete a complex moving experience from the WWII invasion of Europe.

  • Michelle Castro says:

    My family and I spent nearly a month in Europe and without a doubt, our tour in July with Trevor and American D-Day tours was our overall highlight. This is saying a lot! Trevor was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He was also witty and such a nice guy. Trevor has a gift for storytelling and for being able to impart information that truly helps you to feel and meaningfully understand the real impact of the D-day landings and what the brave soldiers went through that day – you could almost feel their harrowing experiences. Trevor organizes the day in a way that builds your emotion that by the time you reach Omaha beach you are welling up with so much emotion that you can’t help but be moved to tears at the American Cemetery and feel that you know some of the soldiers whose names are on the crosses. Our tour with Trevor left an indelible impression on all of us, especially our 12 year old daughter. A few other things about our tour with Trevor, he is American and French with a direct a family history and connection to Normandy and the invasion which adds a richness to his commitment to preserving and helping others to remember the significance of the D-Day landings and the soldiers who made our freedom possible. Anyone considering a tour of Normandy should book with Trevor – you will not be disappointed – you will walk away much richer and if you’re lucky to have lunch with him, he might treat you to the best apple pie in all of France. Not only was our day with Trevor the highlight of our European holiday, but we ate the best dessert of our entire trip during our tour. We can’t say enough good things about our day with Trevor – go and experience the wealth of knowledge and understanding that he possesses!

  • Lamar Clemons says:

    My 21 year old son and I participated in a one day D-Day tour with Trevor.Trevor was knowledgable and really made this the highlight of our 2 week trip.I cannot recommend Trevor highly enough, he really enjoys teaching you about the battle strategies and you come away with an appreciation for the incredible sacrifices these young Men made for us all.

  • Peter Emerson says:

    A special thank you to you and your lovely wife for making our experience in Normandy a memorable one. We enjoyed the entire experience from staying in your home to visiting the sites and sharing your vintage Calvados. Your passion for what you do is evident. Please do stay in touch and come visit us the next time you are in Texas.

    Peter, Tisha and Sarah

    • Tom says:

      I had to book a tour at the last minute as some friends of mine from Belgium was not going to make it to Normandy. Trevor made arrangements to take my brother Charles and me on the 1st of March. He made arrangements to meet our schedule which was to be picked up at 8 am instead of the usual 9 am and finished the tour at 3 pm. With it being just the two of us he changed the trip to include Picauville instead of Graignes. This was important to us as that is the area where our uncle was killed on June, 8th. You can tell by the passion that Trevor has in his tour that he takes this very seriously and wants to make sure we have a good knowledge of D-Day. This was my scond trip, my brother’s first, to Normandy and I learned some more from Trevor. He definitly is worth the investment and to increase your knowledge of Normandy. With relatives that lived during the German occupation he gives a first hand account of what it may have been like in 1940 Normandy.

  • Kevin Patterson says:


    Trevor took myself and my 2 sons through a fast paced and highly informative tour of the Normandy Beaches. He was everything he says he is and much more. His professionalism, knowledge and desire to build unique memories for each individual were outstanding. Our day with Trevor was the highlight of our 12 day tour of Europe. Couldn’t recommend him more highly! Stop searching other sites and go with the pro who will give you a lasting memory of the sacrifice of so many. Already talking about a return and wouldn’t think of using anyone else.
    Kevin Patterson
    Colorado Springs, Co

  • Nancy and Matthew Allen, Pam and Bob Weingarten says:

    The four of us hired Trevor to take us on his one day tour. We were so fortunate that the weather in early October was cool and partly sunny. From the moment he picked us up in his comfortable Ford van, Trevor gave us a running history lesson that put what we saw that day into perspective and in such great detail. He answered every question we had and he brought the events of D-Day and beyond down to a human scale with personal stories of soldiers and their families. He also has roots in the area so it’s all personal to him. He clearly spends huge amounts of his free time reading.
    We would highly recommend Trevor to be your tour guide in Normandy. He also had some great recommendations for restaurants and other sites in the area.

  • Fran and Ed Gold says:

    My wife and I spent the day with Trevor. He was simply fabulous! His knowledge of the planning and execution of the invasion at Normandy was simply boundless. He brought it to life with his passion and insight. His description was vivid and made us feel that we were there when it happened. It was truly a highlight of our travel to the area.
    We were on a cruise ship that docked at Le Havre. Trevor was there waiting for us when we disembarked and he got us back to the ship on time.
    He shared his past with us and helped us understand how his background fed his passion for his devotion to telling the story of Normandy. We stopped for lunch at a place where we had the best quiche ever. He got us there before the start of the busy lunch time, so we could get served and out so we would not lose tour time. I can not imagine that there is anyone who could have been a better guide than Treor.

  • Jean Barnes says:

    On September 24, 2013, my sister, her husband, my husband and I had the pleasure of taking Trevor’s American D-Day Tour from our cruise ship out of Le Havre to the German Cemetery, Pointe-du-Hoc, Omaha Beach, Omaha Beach Museum and the American Cemetery. It was the best tour we took our entire trip! Trevor is a wealth of knowledge on the whole history of the area and has personal family ties to the Americans landing in France. Trevor’s whole tour is done in honor of those whole gave their lives and those who survived the bloodiest day in American History. He has had the honor of giving tours to World War II Veterans to survived D-Day who have told him their stories, which he shares on his tour. The tour is a respectful and humbling tribute to D-Day. The entire tour tells the American side of the story and if you have a soul it will rock you emotionally to your core. It’s a tour that every American should take at least once in their lifetime and if you have the chance to have Trevor give it to you, you are in for a life changing day.

    There are many bigger companies that offer similar tours, but while strolling along listening to other guides I’m glad I had an American with no accent giving us our tour. I understood every word spoken. Trevor also maximizes our time by allowing us to ordering our lunch in advance so when we sat down for lunch the food was served quickly and we didn’t have to wait long and be right back on our way.

    If you are looking for a tour guide who will give you 100% history and no fluff, Trevor is your guy. We are all grateful for our experience with him! Thank you, Trevor!

    Jean Barnes

  • Mike and Ellen Nied says:

    My wife and I, along with our two friends, recently travelled to Europe via a cruise ship followed by a 12 day land portion. Trevor met us at our hotel and from the first moment I met him, I knew that I had chose the right tour company!
    Our tour was the “D-Day Essemntial Private Tour Package”
    Trevor’s deep and thorough knowledge of the entire D-Day operation, what went into it before, during and after as well as explanation of the military maneuvers and what our boys went through….explained right on the hallowed sands of Utah and Omaha Beaches….the PERSONAL connection that he and his family had to World War II, his heartfelt explanation of what went on while at all of the tour stops that we made….his respect and honor for our fallen, having lunch in his house with his family…amazing, amazing, amazing!!!!
    This company….American D-Day Tours….we wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking not only to “tour” the area, but to hear it through Trevor’s words….you will not be disappointed!
    God Bless all of our troops and let us NEVER forget…..Trevor has certainly not forgotten!

    Thank you Trevor!
    Mike and Ellen Nied
    Long Island, NY

  • Jon and Liz Harris says:

    Our family (four of us including two active boys 11 and 9) took a private tour with Trevor on April 17, 2013. It was a scheduled 9 hour pickup and drop off tour and we discussed with Trevor that the attention span of young boys may not last that long. He assured us he would make it fun and interesting for them. We had a great day, his thorough knowledge of DDay, the area,his passion for the subject, his family stories from his grandparents who lived through the German occupation and engagement of our boys in the facts, was great. The lunch he arranged for us was delicious. Our boys were engaged (as were we) for the entire day. Trevor even made dinner reservations for us at at L’angle St Laurent, in Bayeux, which was fabulous. Having spent 5 days in Paris and two days in Normandy, the tour and our Normandy visit were one of the highlights of our trip. We reccomend Trevor as a guide without reservation.

  • Margie and Rob Stanford says:

    My husband and I spent a full day with Trevor in September 2012. Trevor was both knowledgeable and passionate, and the perfect guide to help me appreciate what my Dad and all of the Allies endured on D-Day. My Dad was likely in the second landing craft on Omaha beach, and Trevor’s descriptions of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles they faced, made me understand why it was something my Dad never wanted to discuss.
    Our tour started at St. Mere Eglise, visited Pont du Hoc, Utah and Omaha beaches, and ended at the American cemetery. Trevor showed the perfect balance between providing information, and letting you reflect on the tremendous sacrifices made to ensure our freedom. Trevor continues to learn about the war by talking with the WWII veterans who visit-you can tell that Trevor cares deeply about this subject and appreciates what the French people in Normandy did to help the Allies. An amazing and very moving experience-thank you Trevor!

    Margie and Rob Stanford
    Visited September 2012

  • Buz Block says:

    Trevor; You are a natural at what you do, well researched and definitly are a professional as a guide. “The Essential Tour” you provided our group of eight was impressive and memorable, topped off with a wonderful lunch at your home provided by your delightful wife Sandrine. Your knowledge and presentation at each of the sites visited was amazing and maximized the time perfectly.

    Everyone of us left regretting we had not taken your “Full D-Day Experience 2 Day Tour”.
    Thank you for providing us a memorable day at a very moving historical area. We at Holt Travel will be highly recommending you and your tours to our client base.

  • Gus Librandi says:

    Our family of four took a one-day tour with Trevor in August 2012. We stayed the night before in the quaint town of Sainte Mere Eglise and met with Trevor at the church the next morning. It was a full day of touring. My son, who loves military history, absorbed all the facts so he could discuss at length what happened in Normandy with his grandfather, a retired Army Lt. Colonel. Being half French and half American, Trevor speaks both languages fluently, so there was no language barrier. Lunch was delicious, a fact repeated by my daughter more than once after we continued our vacation in Paris. I have ordered the movie The Longest Day. We will make it a family night to watch it before Nick heads back to college. Thanks for the experience.

    The Librandi’s

  • Mark Norton says:

    Our thanks to Trevor for a most incredible day touring the historical sites of Normandy. Visiting this area has been an important objective on our bucket list for as long as we can remember and it was our good fortune to choose Trevor as our guide.

    He has a deep personal understanding of the flow of Operation Overlord to its most detailed level, enhanced by extensive research and interviews he has conducted with returning veterans.. He uses a mixture of historic photography and personally prepared maps of the battle areas to support his presentations of the most vivid details of events on those days. From minute details such as pointing out bullet damage to an old iron fence, a historical derivation of the hedgerows and their impact on the days of battle, to a grand comprehension of the overall invasion plan and execution, Trevor is a warehouse of knowledge on the subject and the perfect guide to lead you through a most informative and interesting visit.

    His reverence for the history of these areas and the young men who made that history is evident in the depths of his emotion, moved to tears as he stood on ‘Bloody Omaha’ beach, recounting events of that day. It’s almost as if he was there.

    We very quickly developed an enormous respect for Trevor, not only for the quality of his presentations but for the respect with which he relates these heroic accomplishments and his committment to getting it right. We highly recommend that you consider Trevor as your guide should you have the good fortune to visit the Normandy area.

    Mark & Linda

  • chuck and mary lilley says:

    Trevor made the Bedford Boys and the Rangers who did the impossible at Pointe du Hoc come to life for us with his knowledge and respect for the events that unfolded on June 6, 1944. His stories, photos, and even beach diagrams of the actions taken by those brave young men brought tears to our eyes. The American Cemetery at Normandy was overwhelming and a fitting conclusion to our one-day tour.

    A very personalized tour by an enthusiastic tour guide with strong family ties to the U.S., Trevor speaks English fluently and is truly interested in his work. We also found him to be extremely accommodating as we missed our early train from Bayeux, but he adjusted and found a way to pick us up in Carentan and join the rest of the seven- person tour. He was also gracious enough to invite all of us to his home for lunch where we met his lovely wife which only enhanced and personalized the tour.

    The experience with Trevor at Normandy was the highlight of our three week trip throughout France. We will certainly recommend his services to our friends and to all tourists interested in gaining a first-hand appreciation of the sacrifices that were made by so many brave young men for the cause of freedom on the beaches of Omaha and Utah.

    Merci beaucoup Trevor for the lifetime memories that we are anxious to share with our friends and our two adult children. Let us know when you plan to come to the States.

    Warmest Regards, chuck and mary

  • Robin Ross says:

    Hi Trevor ! Thanks again for a fantastic tour !!!
    Robin & Adam Ross from Florida

  • My wife and I took a tour with Trevor, and we loved it! It was awesome! It made our entire trip to France worth it. My grandfather had been in the Normandy Invasion–Utah Beach, and so I was especially interested in learning about where my grandfather served. Trevor was great in taking extra time showing us Utah Beach. He showed us there the 531st engineering batallion landed, and how the battle progressed. His knowledge was excellent. He took extra time to show me things that were important to me, but not necessarily ‘standard tour stuff.’ He found the road that my grandfather helped de-mine and found the street signs named after my grandfather’s fallen companions. It was an excellent experience! I would recommend him highly to anybody wanting to spend a day in Normandy.

    We took the 1st train from Paris in the morning. Trevor picked us up at the train station, and off we went. He then dropped us back off in time to catch the last train of the day and we returned to Paris. It was flawless! i recommend him 100%.
    Kevin and Marianne Rencher, Helena, MT USA

  • Bob and Janine Barstow says:

    We had a wonderful time with Trevor. He has a wealth of knowledge of the area, and points out many areas and facts that are not in the normal books and movies. We wish we could have done 2 days with him instead of just one. We will highly recommend Trevor to anybody for a moving experience. And lunch was fantastic!

  • Helen & Joe Barbeauld says:

    We toured the American Beaches of Normandy in March 2011 with Trevor. He is great! We learned so much at every stop of the day. Not only was the tour a great experience, but we also learned so much. At each stop of the tour, Trevor gave us an in depth history lesson. Thanks for a day we will always remember. We highly recommend Trevor as an expert on D-Day.
    Helen & Joe

  • Barbara Ford says:

    Thank you Trevor, for taking good care of my clients, Mr and Mrs Gilchrist and Dr and Mrs Ruby. Being able to put my clients in the hands of a knowledgable and capable guide is essential for the private tours my clients expect. They all reported that your in-depth knowledge of D-Day and the Normandy beaches exceeded their expectations. I look forward to working with you many more times in the future.
    Best Regards
    from Fort Worth Texas

  • Frances Baker says:

    Hi Trevor and Sandrine….

    Thanks for the wonderful tour and your warm hopitality.We look forward to showing you some of the same but Texas Style. I hope many tourist will be coming your way.
    Thanks again…..
    Frances and David

  • Norma Reyes says:

    Dear Trevor,

    My family and I are back home in the U.S. We enjoyed our visits to Spain and France.

    I would like to express my gratitude in coordinating my family’s DDay tour with you. You were extremely professional and knowledgeable, and made the tour interesting and fun. The 8.5 hours went by really quickly and we all thoroughly enjoyed the tour. It was a trip we will always remember. We would be happy to recommend American-Dday-Tours to friends/family.


    Norma Reyes

  • Joel A. Armijo says:

    Thanks again for your great tour and insightful comments.

    Joel A. Arimjo

  • Brian Doran says:

    Dear Trevor,

    After taking your tour on September 19th, we are now back home in the USA. We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the day. It was way beyond our expectations, primarily because of you. You’re so knowledgeable and have a great company.
    I have watched again “The Longest Day” and “Saving Private Ryan”, they both have new meaning for me, and remind me of our wonderful tour.
    Thanks for a great experience!

    Cheers, Brian

  • Frank Gersh says:

    Very comprehensive and emotional experience.”
    5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 15, 2011

    We had booked a two day tour with Ellwood Siebold(ddaybattletours). Unfortunately, Ellwood was under the weather and unable to do the 2nd day as he needed to see a specialist. He arranged for Trevor Standefer (American-dday-tours) to do the 2nd day. We had previously heard Ellwood described as the “Steve Irwin” of D-day tours due to his passion and enthusiasm. Trevor had a vast knowledge of the American aspects of D-day and he brought a very personal and emotional perspective based on his heritage as an American with French parentage. Trevor had me in tears as he related stories on Omaha beach. His personal stories about his grandparents were incredible. I did this tour with my husband and 12 year old daughter. We were extremely pleased to have had this opportunity with Trevor.

    Visited August 2011

  • Rebecca Wolfe says:

    Trevor was fantastic. We had a fabulous time, and we learned a lot. Thanks for the great experience. When I get home, I’ll post something good on Trip Advisor. This was truly an awesome day.


  • David Konis says:

    I’m back in NY now but I wanted to take a moment and thank you again for such a memorable day in Normandy. It was truly a powerful and poignant experience. Hearing the incredible stories of both the soldiers as well as your family really brought the sites to life for me. I hope to someday return to your part of the world and I hope you will look me up in New York City should your travels ever take you here. Thanks again.

  • Bill and Vangie Abriel says:

    Trevor was absolutely wonderful! He had an incredible amount of information about the sites and really made events come alive for us through his descriptions and details and was professional yet very personable. Thank you so much for recommending him – we had a wonderful tour and will recommend him highly to everyone else.

  • Alan Davis says:

    We just wanted to send a thank you for our outstanding tour with Trevor.
    Alan Davis

  • Brenda and Don Esacove says:

    We just wanted to send a thank you for our outstanding 2 day tour with Trevor. Both days flew and we were so pleased with the itinerary and the way Trevor added some of his own family history from that time. The added special stops which no one else goes to( thank goodness ) were also a special treat. The Churchill was a great choice for convenience and service and we are glad to see that they are able to expand their facilities with the new adjacent hotel.
    All the best Trevor and thank you again for a very special 2 days of touring.
    Best regards,
    Brenda and Don Esacove

  • Brent and Bonnie Morrison says:

    We just wanted to say thanks! Trevor. You led our group on the 19 and 20 July, 2 day Full D-day Experience tour. This was the highlight of my European holiday. Your insight and manner of presenting the battles was outstanding. If and when we get to return to Normandy, we will definately take another tour with you. Trevor is such a great tour-guide.
    Brent and Bonnie Morrison
    Columbus, IN USA

  • David Schmiedicke says:

    Dear Battlebus:

    I had to send a message right away about today’s excellent tour.
    Trevor provided superb stories about the American sectors. His
    personal family experiences were a powerful and poignant addition to
    the battlefield stories.

    Trevor did a great job throughout. Thanks again for a wonderful
    survey of the history of D-Day.


    David Schmiedicke
    Madison, WI. USA

  • Mary and Frank Sabatasso says:

    Greetings! We so enjoyed our 2 day American Experience tour. Trevor was an outstanding guide. Thanks to him we had a terrific 2 days and learned so much.

    Mary and Frank Sabatasso

  • Michael D Hafenbrack says:

    We wanted to express our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful tours we experienced with you recently. On 1 June 2010, we took the American Highlight Tour and the British Highlight Tour on 2 June 2010. Both tours were truly amazing to say the least. Our tour guides Trevor and Dale (respectively) provided such insight in the historical aspects as well as the emotions of each place we visited. They are to be commended for their individual presentations, sincerity and candor. We couldn’t believe how quickly each day passed. Yesterday (6 June 2010), I watched the local Military Channel’s presentation of D-Day. To my amazement, I relived many of the places Trevor and Dale took us. What a wonderful tour! Thanks to Battlebus Tours, Trevor and Dale, this is the one tour we’ll always remember! (Alan Smith, Jeff Silbersack, Dave Knippenberg)
    Battle Bus Staff, my father and I were recently in Bayeux France and partook of your 2 day American Experience Tour (June 7th & 8th). Our guide for this tour was Trevor. I would like to let you know that the tour he gave was excellent, his knowledge and visual aids were very informative and gave a personal touch to the stories he passed along. His Conduct, knowledge, and presentation, reflect highly on your Company. And I would personally like to thank you for giving my father and myself an experience we will remember and pass along. I will highly recommend your company to anyone I know that will be visiting the area. Thank You again.

    Trevor, thank you again for a great tour.
    Michael D Hafenbrack
    Gysgt. USMC Retired

  • Phil Greig says:

    I just wanted to tell you what a great experience we had last week with Trevor Standefer. He was an awesome guide with lots of personal stories as well as answers to all my detailed questions. He kept my 9 year old and 21 year old daughters interested for 8 hours which is an amazing feat. My whole family had a life time experience. He is perfect for American tourist like us who want to focus on American stories and experiences. His understanding of the French perspective and American was the perfect combination. The stories from the French side of his family were touching and gave us the feeling of a personal experience. He made the D-day history come alive.
    We will refer our many friends to Trevor who have asked us and would like to have the same experience.
    Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful family experience, not just one for us WWII fanatics.

    Sincerely yours,

  • Martina says:

    We took your tour on June 1 and wanted to say a big thank you for such a wonderful experience! Your stories about your French Grandparents and your mother added a personal element that made the tour all the more interesting for us. You were an excellent guide and we truly enjoyed ourselves!
    Thanks again,
    Martina McGilloway

  • Robin Perrone says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our American
    Highlights tour! It was one of the best parts of our trip. Please
    tell Trevor that we did have dinner at le Pommier, per his
    recommendation, and loved it! What a wonderful way to begin our first
    visit to France and we will surely recommend your company to anyone
    visiting in the area. We also hope to visit again very soon…

    Merci beaucoup,

    Robin Perrone
    Charlotte, North Carolina – USA

  • Regina Swan says:

    Normandy D-Day Tour
    I recently took a D-Day tour of the American beaches Trevor was clearly an expert on the subject, but he was able to explain it to non-experts like us in a clear and understandable way. He also had a number of family stories to share that were pretty amazing. The tour was one of the highlights of the trip.
    Regina Swan
    Santa Rosa, CA USA 05/20/2010

  • Jim and Merete Rhoade says:

    On May 6 and 7 my cousin Merv Kleinstein and I took the two day tour with Trevor. I was hoping I had selected the best tour company because Merv is a huge military history buff who has visited battle fields around the world, including Normandy two or three previous times, and a mediocre tour guide would not make him happy. However, Trevor was excellent and even Merv found the tour very interesting despite his vast knowledge of World War II. Trevor’s French background with stories he learned from his French grandparents added a dimension and a personal element to the tour you cannot get with other tour guides. We were very happy with him and the tour.
    Feel free to use this e-mail as a recommendation of your fine company.

    Also, we stayed at the D’Argouges hotel on your recommendation and our stay there was quite nice and the staff very accomodating. Frederic even helped us locate Merv’s lost IPhone. Finally, your web site is very good and provided a great deal of information we wanted prior to the trip such as the weather, how to get to Bayeux, travel information etc.

    No question we would recommend you to anyone touring Normandy.

    • Peter Fitzgerald says:

      Just a short note to say how much my son and myself enjoyed our tour on 12th
      September. We thought you were excellent. Good luck to your tour
      business in the future.

      Regards Peter.

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